How Old Skool Friends can make you feel young ðŸ˜ƒðŸ˜ƒðŸ˜ƒ


I consider myself lucky, lucky because I am still in contact with so many of my school friends, and STILL able to call them good friends after 25 years (silver wedding anniversary mate). Most of us are celebrating our 30 *cough* something birthdays in a few months, this gives us an opportunity to meet up, laugh about old times and new experiences and make new memories.

The major thing for me is the reminiscing, the constant stream of memories that all of a sudden fill the room. Old Teachers, the fun, games, fights and cool fashion. We are all transported almost immediately to an amazing time (1990s to be exact), full of New Kids on the Block, Take That, Soul 2 Soul, SWV, E17, the list goes on.

The loves of my Life 😍

They weren’t as good as NKOTB!!!!

In a conversation with one of my friends she stated ” We all just got along and no one ever knew or even cared about each other’s background, religion, family or anything for that matter”. She was so right and I totally agreed, it was more about getting into the classroom each morning, talking about last nights telly, or more importantly arguing about which pop group was the best (NKOTB).

As we talk and chat it’s as if we have never left the classroom, we are still between the ages of 11-16, with so much things to look forward to, still excited about life . Another surreal thing is that we are all parents crazy right??? How did that happen?. I just hope our kids have similar experiences and will meet some amazing people to grow up with.

So that’s it in a nutshell, throw away your anti-wrinkle cream, and meet up with some old school friends. Reminisce over a drink or two or three and get transported back in time…and do the running man while your at it xxxx peace x

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