3 things I learnt in 2017- Oh and Happy New Year!

Happy New year

 At the beginning of last year, I wrote a piece entitled ‘5 reasons I stopped caring in 2016′. I enjoyed writing it, I was able to get rid of my frustrations and have fun with it at the same time. I drew a virtual line under a frustrating year and poked fun at myself at the same time.

Today, (as I write) I am in a very different place. I am in a state of reflection and at peace. So what did I really learn from the year that was 2017.



I learnt again to love travelling. I lost the bug, it crawled away and lived in a corner somewhere, decaying.

As a child, teen, and young adult I travelled a lot. My Mother dragged me to many distant lands (with or without consent) I gained knowledge of places I couldn’t obtain from a textbook. At the time it was annoying but looking back, I now realise how lucky I was.

So life happened I found myself in a general mundane and ever turning wheel of monotony. After speaking with a friend she persuaded me to take a break, step out of the wheel and embark on something different. I will not bore you with a breakdown of an AMAZING holiday (photos on FB) but I will say I changed. The bug came back, and this time no inspect spray was used.



I thought about writing this last.  I found that 2017 taught me some valuable lessons about people/humans/entities/you/me. I was going to write a chapter on this one topic. It was going to be epic, an unapologetic and complete expose’ on ‘people in 2017′, I decided against it.

2017 has allowed me to meet people that have enriched my life in many ways. I am grateful for friends and family members that have propelled me through the hard and good times. There have been countless conversations had, with many a tear shed however more importantly memories were made.

I understand that people change, and the people that may have entered 2017 with you, make not walk into 2018…and that’s ok. As one door closes, a window, cupboard, or garden shed will somehow prise itself open for new people (and old) to come in and enrich your soul.

So I raise a glass to those loved and lost. You didn’t complete me, just added a weave to my complicated and intricate tapestry of life. Thank you.



I learnt in 2017 to be comfortable within my faith. My faith is personal and only I understand it. In many instances I found myself defending it, arguing its place in my life, and often doubting it. How can I explain an invisible force that is oh so visible to me? As I enter my 40th year I look back and recognise how my faith and God has been very real to me.

Through trials and tribulations, highs and lows through it all I have never felt alone.  How do I explain this concept to untrusting, unbelieving, and sceptical eyes? How do I not stop explaining myself when everything around me is saying to stop believing? I learnt in 2017 that my faith is personal and only I understand it. I will not explain or persuade you, and I will not implore you to my way of thinking. I only hope my path shines a light to someone, even if at times I step into the darkness.

My faith is magical, a mystery…and it’s me x




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