Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!! Yes I am quite aware I am late, Its January 15th and I am fifteen days in to 2015. I just wanted to let the dust settle, let the christmas food finally reach our hips, bums, and tums, and to at last reflect on the year gone by.

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To be a Child

earth-from-space-1  Earth from Space where we live together… as one Human Body.

The other day I watched my Son approach another little boy and ask if he could play with him.  The other child was a little shy, my Son was pretty persuasive to the point the ice was broken and they played a very excitable game of ‘Hide and Seek’

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‘Playas in your life’ As You Like It Act II Scene VII


Over the past two years,  various networking mediums have been awash with similar statements, anecdotes, and slogans.  Whether it be a Celeb or your normal Jo Bloggs, EVERYONE is re-evaluating their surroundings, and when I say surroundings I mean the people around them.

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My life changed in September of 2010…..I had a baby.  It had pretty much been myself and partner for 5 years.. alone… then came along our child.  He was perfect in all ways, beautiful smile that would melt a thousand hearts he was everything, just everything.

OK now the reality, there are many things that people do not tell you about having a baby I have compiled a list and will go through the points one by one.

1. Sleep Deprivation

Have you ever not slept for a day? it’s a BITCH isn’t it? well 4 months and counting and im a walking zombie.


Changing nappies

I have no problem with baby urine, its the poo I have a problem with!! you can often hear a ‘discussion’ between myself and then husband as to who will change the poopy nappy.


Body Changes

Listen I wasnt a size 8 or anything but I had a pretty nice stomach 😉 it now resembles the underground map.  “Did you not use stretch mark prevention cream”? I hear you ask? …no evidently.


People telling you what to do

You will be treated like a child, funny that considering you have just given birth to one and you are now considered a ‘Mother’.  They *insert name here* will believe that you have NO IDEA as to what you are doing and that you probably fail without thier help.  I found that I smiled sweetly took their advice and went home with my baby.  At the end of the day you don’t have to take the advice, but don’t be rude when you receive it they are only trying to help.

This is just a snippet into my daily role as a new mum, I could have written so many things but I started to sound to negative about the whole experience.  I wouldn’t change this feeling for the world, in fact I could even touch a pooey nappy for it  xx

For Master love you like Oxtail and Butterbeans (my favourite dish).

The Poppy


As a child I heard many stories about the war, every year silver haired veterans would stand by a wreath alongside the Queen at a ceremony each November in London. As a child I didn’t really like watching the ceremony due to the sadness etched on everyone’s face, it was a time where the TV was switched very quickly to a more child orientated programme.

My attitude changed whilst working in Westminster a few years ago, we were asked if we wanted to walk down to the memorial and partake in the ceremony I said yes, I mean what harm could it be. What was interesting was just that very year my father had told me that my Grandfather had fought in the 1st world war, he was a Commonwealth solider that was drafted from the Caribbean to fight in the Somme. Suddenly it became all to real for me, I decided to go to the ceremony not only for my grandfather but for all those young men who had given their lives for Queen and Country.

It was a week day and I remember taking the short walk to the Cenotaph a large crowd had gathered many where the silver haired veterans that I had seen on the TV I looked closely in the crown and I saw much older frail gentlemen some being minded by their carers. I watched in awe at these old frail men many of whom were in their last years or maybe months of life, they had manged to make their way to the memorial to remember the harrowing ordeal of the war, I am sure as they waited memories of their friends whom had lost their lives, maybe even the sounds of the sirens, the many injured, and the dead came flooding back, I assumed that the much older men were from the first world war

 These brave men whom fought for a Country that is now …today ‘broken’ , I thought of my own Grandfather whom went to war proud, for a Queen and Country he had never been too, a country where eventually his son and grandchildren would settle. A country that is bitter towards his son and grandchildren and often wants them to leave and ‘go back to their own country’, a country that is intolerant of Mass immigration, a country where bullets often fly, crack needles litter the street, people are out of work..he fought strong and hard and lost his eye to the country his children now called home the country paved with that imaginary Gold.

My thoughts were broken by a wail in the crowd, I looked to see the frail old man in his wheelchair crying uncontrollably, crying with pain, and heartache, crying from the memories of the war. The minute silence had begun and all that could be heard was this old man, whom once had dreams, aspirations to make sure Britain was free……Thank you Veterans

Thank you Grandad

And Thank you Old mad with dreams of a free word.

The man in the mirror

A classic, “where were you when”moment, many people asked this question regarding John F Kennedy, Elvis, even Princess Diana, well ….I was in bed. It was as if one of our own had passed, people were ringing each other passing the news, people who had long stopped liking him as an artist were all saddened, Michael was gone.