My life changed in September of 2010…..I had a baby.  It had pretty much been myself and partner for 5 years.. alone… then came along our child.  He was perfect in all ways, beautiful smile that would melt a thousand hearts he was everything, just everything.

OK now the reality, there are many things that people do not tell you about having a baby I have compiled a list and will go through the points one by one.

1. Sleep Deprivation

Have you ever not slept for a day? it’s a BITCH isn’t it? well 4 months and counting and im a walking zombie.


Changing nappies

I have no problem with baby urine, its the poo I have a problem with!! you can often hear a ‘discussion’ between myself and then husband as to who will change the poopy nappy.


Body Changes

Listen I wasnt a size 8 or anything but I had a pretty nice stomach 😉 it now resembles the underground map.  “Did you not use stretch mark prevention cream”? I hear you ask? …no evidently.


People telling you what to do

You will be treated like a child, funny that considering you have just given birth to one and you are now considered a ‘Mother’.  They *insert name here* will believe that you have NO IDEA as to what you are doing and that you probably fail without thier help.  I found that I smiled sweetly took their advice and went home with my baby.  At the end of the day you don’t have to take the advice, but don’t be rude when you receive it they are only trying to help.

This is just a snippet into my daily role as a new mum, I could have written so many things but I started to sound to negative about the whole experience.  I wouldn’t change this feeling for the world, in fact I could even touch a pooey nappy for it  xx

For Master love you like Oxtail and Butterbeans (my favourite dish).

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