Since you have been gone….


Well here I am…. A Mother, Divorcee, Older, Wiser, Lighter, Stronger,Believer, Happier, Angrier,Thoughtful, Non Bullshitter, Bullshitter, I mean the list  could go on,but I choose not to bog you down with the last 5 years… well not yet anyway  . I decided to blog again because I love to write, I wanted my thoughts down on paper so to speak,  I wanted a place to express and hopefully, maybe somebody would read and think  ” I know where this woman is coming from”.


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I am aware there are a million and one lifestyle blogs similar but guess what? There is now a million and two all of us with a voice, and  a story if you will. So this is where I let you in to my everyday thoughts, comings and goings, outs and abouts, reviews and much more…

So enjoy mon ami enjoy! Like Share subscribe

Miss Ali x


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