A taste of the Caribbean


I totally enjoyed the first bank holiday of May 2014.  It was relaxing and I managed to get a lot of clearing up done in the house , not to mention the weather was pleasant which is not a usual occurrence for a May Bank holiday.
In order to enjoy the extra day off myself and friend (Shakira) decided to go out for a meal, we decided upon West Indian and was eager to try out “Judah and Zula Caribbean Inn” in Greenwich. Greenwich on a whole has tons of restaurants bars and eateries, it’s a student town as well as a newly titled “Royal Borough”. There is  always so much to do and is coupled with amazing views of the city that you can check out from Greenwich park (nice).

Once arrived at the venue we were greeted by friendly staff which made us feel at ease. It was almost like dining with family as the atmosphere was warm and cosy and you were able to have a good chat surrounded my soulful reggae sounds from the sound system.
Although it was Monday it took me back to a Sunday dinner at my parents when I was younger which was a major plus.


The decor was engaging with African and Rastafarian artwork mounted on the walls. Whilst waiting for the food I found myself gazing at the prints for awhile, truly engaging.


The food arrived (and drink) I ordered Jerk Chicken, and Shakira Ackee and Saltfish it came with side dish of plain rice or rice and peas we both opted for rice and peas (yum)



I must say coming from a west Indian background you do become very critical of West Indian eateries, but as my mother would say in Patois “it eat good”. Shakira thought the Ackee and Saltfish was tasty and cooked to perfection and my Jerk Chicken was full of flavour and not too spicy you could really taste the different spices it was lovely.


The end of a hard day

All in all Judah and Zulas Caribbean Inn ticked all the boxes if you want a quiet and chilled out atmosphere and some tasty West Indian food look no further.

Caribbean Inn (Judah and Zulas)
135-137 Trafalgar Road,
SE10 9TX

(020) 8305 2500

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