My favourite foods :)

I absolutely love food, so therefore I have compiled my top ten in no particular order …yum hopefully you will love some of the stuff too.

I. Oxtail and Butter Beans


A Jamaican dish which warms the heart

2. Chicken Gyoza


A wonderful Japanese side dish or starter, an acquired taste for some due to the texture, however goes well with Soya Sauce and is a favourite of mine!

3. Fried Fish and Bammy


I first had this tasty dish on holiday in Jamaica, fish had just been caught and the Bammy just fried.  Bammy is from the Cassava plant and is flattened into a circle shape.  It is often fried or (or popped in the oven).

4. Turkey Club Sandwich


Another overseas trip found in NYC The New York Turkey Club Sandwich can be found at the best deli’s in downtown Manhattan served with a side order of fries and Soda, a dieters nightmare, but looks and tastes amazing.

5. Chicken Madras


Hot, Hot, Hot!!!!! This is spicy and if you know me, then you will know I love me some spice! The hotter the better.

6. Maceroni Cheese


Soul food to the maximum, cheesy carb filled goodness. Many a family gathering would have this dish slap bang in the middle. Always the first dish to be completely eaten and the dinner time conversation as aunties compare each other’s recipes.

7. Bruschetta


What can I say? Apart from crunchy, Tomatoey, Garlicky goodness. a wonderful starter at the best Italian restaurants love it.

8.Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup


I love making this in the winter, it’s warming and cosy and nice to share with your love ones x

9. Eggs Benedict


I never get the eggs right, so if anyone would like to make it for me I would be happy to taste. Seriously it’s a great breakfast, especially with some fresh Orange Juice ..nice

10. Nice Cuppa Tea


To emphasise my Britishness, what more could I ask for but a lovely cup of tea. Soothing, and relaxing this hot beverage is a staple for any time of the day.

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