Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!! Yes I am quite aware I am late, Its January 15th and I am fifteen days in to 2015. I just wanted to let the dust settle, let the christmas food finally reach our hips, bums, and tums, and to at last reflect on the year gone by.

People often say “Dont look back” but how can you not? How can you not reflect on the path you took just the day before? let alone the steps you took a year ago. I believe that those steps, each and every one of those steps, have bought you to this point..NOW .. a NEW YEAR.


Reflection is important, I imagine it to be like a Movie of your own personal life. Whilst looking back popcorn in hand, you cry at the hurtful parts, applause when you overcame adversity, laugh at all the funny, bits and remain hopeful for the character that is ‘you’.

So the New Year is here, you are prepping, directing, and writing the script of what you hope to achieve in 2015. This script has many scribbles and crossing outs, tearing up of paper, or pressing the backspace. Please believe me when I say this film, is going to be good! It is your chance to make that Oscar winning performance….ok im getting a little Meryl Streep on you, but you get my drift.

God gives us another day to write this script, lets make it a good one God bless and a Happy New Year!

Ali xx

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