Just a quickie!


This is just a quickie! Just to talk about what will be going on with the blog. 
WELL it will still continue in much the same format,  I have to say in the beginning I wasn’t sure what avenue I wanted to take ,  I mean there are millions of blogs online with similar content.

I just thought  I need to be me and the rest would follow.. So I did and in the process  I have had some amazing feedback which I am VERY grateful for x

In addition I bit the bullet and decided to send some work off last year.  I was truly shocked that the pieces  were published  for The online magazine Eeveelife.co.uk  (I will put the links up to my  stuff down below) I am so so so grateful for this opportunity and to God.
Anyway thats enough of the crazy ramblings,  actually it’s not and I will probably write a whole lot more!




Ali xx

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