The Rum Kitchen


Last year I decided to go out more,  juggling work and a small child has its challenges, however it’s nice to be yourself for a little,  come out of ‘mummy mode’  and appreciate what’s around you. 

I am not one to really organise things so happily excepted an offer from the groups little social butterfly (Shakira) who will find places to try and experience. The Rum Kitchen was the chosen place located in the Uber trendy Notting Hill.

I have only really been to Notting Hill around carnival time, it was nice to be there minus the 2.5 million people. We had a little look around the place, and walked down streets where homes were worth 3 million (I Google it)

The actual Street ‘Love Actually’ was filmed

Anyway I digress… After finally finding The Rum Kitchen, We settled down to our table it was amazing! the setting reminded me of an old 1940s carribean wooden  home very art deco .. Look I know nothing about what a Jamaican or any home for that matter  would look like in the 1940s but work with me here.


We had arrived during the cocktail happy hour so all smiles!


OK let’s get on to the food,  one word Amazing. I absolutely loved it,  we didn’t have to wait long and the time usually goes by quickly with good conversation.


Jerk chicken supreme, grilled chicken breast, Rice and peas,  Callaloo and Spinach,  with Jerk Gravy pow!


Sorry you can just see my dish which was the Jerk and Ting Chicken Stack,  slow cooked and grilled leg and thigh with rice and peas and slaw.


And finally the Curried Mutton with rice and peas and slaw.


The Menu

In a word it was great,   we were quiet during the meal meaning deep concentration at the task at hand. Only one slight thing,  you may feel you need side dishes, portions slightly small. But it’s all good because the sides were equally delicious.

Oh and I forgot to say the next day at work I Googled The Rum Kitchen and there are many pictures of HRH Prince Harry coming out of the doors!  Yep he frequents the place quite regularly.
Must add,  West London I’m impressed ya done good!

The Rum Kitchen             The Rum Kitchen
6-8 All Saints Road          1st Floor
Notting Hill                       Kingly Court
London                              Carnaby Street
                                           London W1B5PW               


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