BIRTHDAY GREETINGS…..A Year older…wiser?


Hello!!! well as you can see it is that time again, and I am celebrating another year of life.  I asked a few friends if they could tell me where the time had gone because I sure as hell didn’t know where it had disappeared to.  Just as I thought, they were unable to tell me and I was left to collect my thoughts, whilst rocking by myself in a corner (I’m joking about the rocking part but you get my drift) .  I spent most of the evening prior to my birthday listening to music enabling me to reminisce my school years transporting me to a time when music was at its best, it was a nice evening and I guess it left me warm and fuzzy inside.  

Today I woke up and was greeted by beautiful messages, texts, tweets, Facebook posts and a very special message from my little boy. It got me thinking, I am very much a nostalgic person and maybe I dwell in the past more than I should.  I decided that It was about the here and now, I had spent most of the evening reminiscing my younger years but had hardly taken into consideration what I had NOW, and what I had achieved.  I am a religious person and I had not thanked God for what he had brought me through and what he had continued to do for me.  I had reached the grand old age of 30..*cough*, ok I will say it 38 and was.. AM happy.  I was dwelling  in the past which was a story of intense highs and lows  and was not giving my present any consideration.


 I decided that any reflection I did would more positive I would  not moan about past mistakes and would use my lessons as positive steps to a new life .  I maintained that my healing would only be beneficial if I accepted what I cannot change. I felt that by embracing my present I could truly move from a stagnant place that was not benefiting me in any way.

Is this an easy thing to do? yes I believe it is…maybe we could do it together if you want.









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