There is two parts to Alison the ditzy joker, optimistic (on occasion) and the forever teenager.  There is the other part of me that loves to be alone and deep in thought. As I have aged I found the ‘alone in thought’ persona occurs more often. It can be difficult when you are a parent to truly have that alone time especially with a larger than life 5-year-old. I often wait for the quiet moments when I am able to have some alone time,  it is then that I enrich my soul in thought.

It is during the early hours of the morning just before my son stirs in his innocent slumber is when my mind drifts to another place . I think about many things half of the stuff is silly really, consisting of ‘what will I wear today?’, ‘I could do with at least 5 more hours sleep’ ‘I really need to wash my hair’ or more importantly ‘How will I lose that 10lb before Friday?’.


It’s the other stuff that I think about that consumes me ‘Am I a good parent? ’, Do I have enough money to be happy?’ ‘Is God proud of me?’  The alarm goes and I enter into normality  shut the door on my thoughts and turn the key only to be revisited when I have the time.

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