How Old Skool Friends can make you feel young 😃😃😃


I consider myself lucky, lucky because I am still in contact with so many of my school friends, and STILL able to call them good friends after 25 years (silver wedding anniversary mate). Most of us are celebrating our 30 *cough* something birthdays in a few months, this gives us an opportunity to meet up, laugh about old times and new experiences and make new memories.

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What Lies Beneath………

For the last six years I have driven to work, however due to a location change I recently started taking Public Transport namely the London Underground, affectionately known as the ‘The Tube’. Oh the joy I felt not having to deal with Traffic, Pollution, and 4x4s. Friends warned me of the horrors that lurked beneath but alas I did not heed, I was just excited about not having to honk my horn in the mornings and enjoy a ‘relatively’ stress free journey to work. A lamb to the slaughter I tell you, A LAMB TO THE SLAUGHTER. It is not the Journey but the passengers that caused the most shock, amusement, and empathy.

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The Work ‘Family’



I have a ‘slight’ issue and its called ‘colleagues’, well its not an issue per-say more of an observation.  I have worked for more than half my life, and have met many weird and wonderful people, we have laughed together, fought together (and against), gotten drunk at christmas doo’s and partaken in a bit of backstabbing ,  the list is endless.  However why is it we barely acknowledge one another after 5 ‘clock?

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Like a fine wine..


Do you ever feel nostalgic when a birthday looms? Questions start to come thick and fast, What have you achieved in the year?What could you have done better? What dreams/goals are you one step closer to?

I do it all the time, and this year is no different.  You see I have a birthday coming and I will  OFFICIALLY be over my mid-thirties, and for once I feel good about the prospect of getting older. Over the years I have been able to right wrongs and focus on many aspects of my life that needed tweaking.  Officially (in my mind and another post) I became a Single Parent this has enabled me to  ‘leap out in faith’  I have no time for procrastination having a small child doesn’t allow me to ponder a great deal, I know the impact on any decision I make will effect not only me, but my son.. I just do!

When I reached my 30th birthday I had a total breakdown, it was real, and very scary I found myself frantically leafing through the pages of my 20s, stopping at pages I liked, and trying to burn the ones I didn’t.  I wont deny I wanted my 20s back!, carefree days, lots of money days, years of sitting  around at friends and chatting about everything and nothing days!  I laugh as I write this because it seemed so silly but back then it caused me great anxiety, after fully accepting the new decade that so far has been highly emotional, and fully charged this is what have I learned.

  • Family is Everything
  • Good friends are sent from God that hold you up when you need holding
  • Don’t rush Love
  • Children are a gift (although can be annoying) from God
  • Laugh Freely
  • Save your money
  • Forgive those that have wronged you
  • Not everyone will like you
  • Not all men are bastards
  • Take care of yourself
  • Maintain your dignity through it all
  • Don’t wish for things others have been blessed with your time is coming
  • People will come in and out of your life do not question it enjoy them
  • Trust God

So thats it Bless x