To be a Child

earth-from-space-1  Earth from Space where we live together… as one Human Body.

The other day I watched my Son approach another little boy and ask if he could play with him.  The other child was a little shy, my Son was pretty persuasive to the point the ice was broken and they played a very excitable game of ‘Hide and Seek’

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‘Playas in your life’ As You Like It Act II Scene VII


Over the past two years,  various networking mediums have been awash with similar statements, anecdotes, and slogans.  Whether it be a Celeb or your normal Jo Bloggs, EVERYONE is re-evaluating their surroundings, and when I say surroundings I mean the people around them.

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The Work ‘Family’



I have a ‘slight’ issue and its called ‘colleagues’, well its not an issue per-say more of an observation.  I have worked for more than half my life, and have met many weird and wonderful people, we have laughed together, fought together (and against), gotten drunk at christmas doo’s and partaken in a bit of backstabbing ,  the list is endless.  However why is it we barely acknowledge one another after 5 ‘clock?

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