Its been a minute

Happy New Year 2016 replace 2015 concept on the sea beach
Happy New Year!

Hello all, wow it has been a minute, nearly a year in fact. I did promise to write more in 2015, and that failed dismally. I guess life got in the way, as well as 2015 being a huge distraction. It has been an interesting year not only for myself, but for friends and family. Personal changes have occurred in many peoples lives, some for the good, and some for the not so good, nonetheless the process of change has made us all stronger and more determined.

2015 was a year full of change one of the most poignant moments was watching my one and only son go to school. This time last year (Dec 2014) I had just sent his application and was praying day and night to God that he would get into the school of our choice. Fast forward September 2015, and I was watching him enter the school gates.

I have never felt so much joy, excitement and sadness in the space of five minutes. I felt Joy, because I didn’t have to pay the extortionate nursery fees, excitement because he was now a ‘big boy’, and was going to embark on his first journey into the schooling system. And then there was my sadness, I think out of all of the emotions sadness clinged to me the most like some wet rag.

Since 2011 he has been my partner in crime, my little confidant, my little friend. I use the year 2011 because it was then I found myself thrown into an unknown world, with just me and a 10 month  old baby.   During this time the mother/son bond became even stronger.

I owe a lot to this little boy more than he will ever know, or even begin to understand. I stood watching him play with the other children, and I cried silent tears. My tears didn’t pour from my eyes, but poured inward burning my heart and soul. I realised he had to grow, forge friendships, and be an individual.  One term in and he is a happy, confidant, and intelligent little boy. He loves school so far and I am happy, happy that through the hardship we have both clung to one another and became stronger.

If I was ever asked what I learned in 2015. Without hesitation I would say “True friends are like precious stones” make of that what you will.

So guys a happy New Year to you all, may 2016 be better than 2015…..lets do this.

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