Chapter 40

“When I entered my 30s a lot had already gone down. I was literally looking over a precipice waiting to step off into the unknown, an unknown that was filling my mind with dread and fear”


Cosmic Queens

Today, I met many Queens, real life ones, and ones that were mounted in paintings. My cousin, Woman, Artist, Mother, and Queen spoke words into existence and they became real. On the 24th March 2018, I had the privilege of being part of Merissa Hylton’s first exhibition entitled Cosmic Queens. The day was filled with music, drummers, friends, family, love and laughter. Many came together to support and encourage an extraordinary young woman in her dream. A beautiful day for a beautiful Queen.

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3 things I learnt in 2017- Oh and Happy New Year!

Happy New year

 At the beginning of last year, I wrote a piece entitled ‘5 reasons I stopped caring in 2016′. I enjoyed writing it, I was able to get rid of my frustrations and have fun with it at the same time. I drew a virtual line under a frustrating year and poked fun at myself at the same time.

Today, (as I write) I am in a very different place. I am in a state of reflection and at peace. So what did I really learn from the year that was 2017.

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Light and Shadow 

Saw this today. Alas this is true, I wish for strength in both elements of life.


Art – Not just the painting perfectly placed on a wall. Art is that wall, that Graffiti, Me, You, Us.

Freedom – Not just the feeling of those chains and shackles being lifted. It is the feeling of being able to be yourself. The roles and expectations of others no longer matter, nor should they ever. Freedom is finally being able to say Fuck you, and breathe..all in one go.

Spirit – Not just your inner feelings. But the spirit of your ancestors guiding you. Calling you onwards,  whispering in your ear. The ancestors before you, they parted the way so that you can.

Me – Not just a woman. Not just a Mother, not just a domestic maid,  not just there to stroke an ego. I am a writer, a lover of Art, a lover of me. I forgot me. She came back.

Another year older 

As usual I celebrate with a wonderful selection of finger sandwiches, tea, and cakes….oh and of course the Champagne.

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Things we think about when sandwiched on a train


How to not stare at the person in front of you (and they do not think you are mad)

Now you may think that this is easy, most of us are able pull out some technical device to save us from a fate worse than death. I am here to tell you, it is in fact not.

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