“A Washbelly typically refers to the youngest child in Jamaican Patois, especially if that child is much younger than the rest of their siblings. In addition to being the youngest, the term can also denote that the child is spoiled and lazy”.

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Christopher Colombus


We have been exposed to (whether we like it or not) explorers of yesteryear. Stories of great journeys across the sea, courageous men ‘finding’ already inhabited lands, the brutal history being passed down to many a generation. We have all sat hunched over a textbook whilst simultaneously inhaling a B.O infused classroom. We listened to an underpaid, pre-menopausal teacher with sensible shoes and an equal hatred for her pupils. We learned about men sailing the seven seas, navigating lands they were not familiar with, and murdering people they had just met. We imagined the terrain, the maps that would have been developed off the back of these expeditions and we really lapped it all up.


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It is what it is

I used to hate this stupid fucking term. People would say it (I felt) when they did not have any answers. I think I get it now..sort of…maybe..not really.

The Church and I


“I grew up in a household of saints and Sinners, each of us swapped roles from day to day. Someday Saint, someday Sinner”. A.Hylton

My immediate and extended family come from a long line of Sabbath Keepers. Even before I was thought of, my ancestors downed their tools on a Friday evening and watched for the golden sunset. They praised on the Sabbath and watched and waited for the Golden sunset once more. Before I knew myself my family knew God and were Seventh Day Adventists.

And here we are. I was bought up in a relatively ‘normal’ family. Mum, Dad, older brother and I …the wash belly (A Jamaican term for the last/youngest child).

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