I heart Exercise…not


Hi my name is Alison, and I love food, this is somewhat of a problem because I like clothes too. For health, fitness, and being able to fit into my skinny jeans, I decided to make some changes.

In order for these changes to take place, I decided to embark on a new health and fitness regime for 2015. I do try to be an honest citizen, so it is with a heavy heart I must admit I HATE it. After having a small elephant live in me for 9 (nearly 10) months, this little elephant stretched parts that didn’t need to be stretched. My once small stomach stretched beyond recognition, and I am now a caricature of my former self. I am not bitter about it, however my stomach most definitely is.

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A letter to my 16 year old Self


Dear Alison,

Well how do I start this,  I guess you may be surprised that I am writing you a letter.  I just wanted to write a little note to you, maybe some encouragement?  I guess I just wanted to help.

I cannot stop you from making your life decisions, they will make you the woman you become some 21 years later,  I just want to encourage.  I think it maybe somewhat awkward talking to you like this, I mean you don’t even know me but in a weird way you do.  I have been wanting to do this for a while, but time,  being busy, looking after a child, and keeping a home, yeah you read that right, you can now take your mouth off the floor.

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