How Old Skool Friends can make you feel young 😃😃😃


I consider myself lucky, lucky because I am still in contact with so many of my school friends, and STILL able to call them good friends after 25 years (silver wedding anniversary mate). Most of us are celebrating our 30 *cough* something birthdays in a few months, this gives us an opportunity to meet up, laugh about old times and new experiences and make new memories.

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Just a quickie!


This is just a quickie! Just to talk about what will be going on with the blog. 
WELL it will still continue in much the same format,  I have to say in the beginning I wasn’t sure what avenue I wanted to take ,  I mean there are millions of blogs online with similar content.

I just thought  I need to be me and the rest would follow.. So I did and in the process  I have had some amazing feedback which I am VERY grateful for x

In addition I bit the bullet and decided to send some work off last year.  I was truly shocked that the pieces  were published  for The online magazine  (I will put the links up to my  stuff down below) I am so so so grateful for this opportunity and to God.
Anyway thats enough of the crazy ramblings,  actually it’s not and I will probably write a whole lot more!

Ali xx